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Idk if I should give up with my Pisces man

Breana Asks,

It’s really a lot.. I met my Pisces about 4 months ago I’m a Gemini.. Everything was great. We spent everyday together.. He did little nice things for me. Always kept me smiling.. He start acting distant outta no where.. I questioned him about it he called my file.. I never be called that ever. And had no idea why he did this. So the my gem twin kicks in. Lol I didn’t have my car so I used my friend (guy) car to go to ride on his block. I know I’m crazy and I was alil drunk too.. I was determine to just see him. I honestly thought he was with another girl. He seen me see him I didn’t stop. My friend was sleep.

The next day I go see him he gives me a compliment on my outfit and then asked me who I was in the car with I told him why I did it and I also asked him why he would call me file. He said he was just talking he prolli was high (He smokes a lot of weed.) one I told him who he was why I rode up on the block he told me that was direpectful. Which I understand. I apoligized of course. He have me a big hug and kiss on the 4head we joked and everything. The NEXT day he’s totally different.

I wanted to talk to him in private. He says “no go talk to the guy you brought up here.” I figured he was upset.. I tried to give him his space but I couldn’t. I would still see him everyday.. Some days he was good some days he wasn’t he was moody with me. But one day. He brought me a car! And told me we was gonna talk about everything. I was so happy. But we never talked.. He said it again a couple days later “we gonna talk later” never did. The car broke down before I could get it in my name smh.. I didnt blame him tho. Maybe a week later I asked him for something prolli gas money but he was acting weird with me. Mind you when he ask me for something he gets it.

Doesn’t matter how small/big it is. So when he didn’t I storm out. Drove off. But my gem twin kicks in again. And I come back and start yelling “why when I asked you for something it’s a problem but you can have your hand out to me” he gets mad and say Ima call you in a hour we gonna talk.. I say he’s full of it but he promised . Of course he didn’t. Next time I come around he’s not speaking to me I didn’t care. Because even when we are not speaking to eachother I would like call once just to see what he would do. He would either answer or call me back. I was happy about that. Because I felt like he still care about me.

Another ex: I told him I wanted to have sex threw text I told him like I always do in a sexy cute way. This time he tells me “no. Go f**k the guy you been f**king.” I was surprised and confused cuz I really wasn’t having second with any one and I told him that. His responds was “I heard you” like he just said it the here my responds. I told him he’s the one man I want. Another ex: ok so I call him ask him to come over he says “naw I’m cool” I said cool of what? He said “cool off me!” I said oh ok. Hung up. The next morning he’s texting me “Wyd” had a whole convo with me I even asked why he text me. He said “cuz he can” I replied how you figure? He text back ” Ard” this made me laugh.

Cuz to me he just be saying stuff to see how i would react lol he’s so confusing smh. Even when he wasn’t speaking to me we still have our long deep stares in eachothers eyes.. Like he was tryna talk to me I could tell he was hurt… ( I come around to his block a lot because his people be wanting me around) he knows that I knew his family before him. I don’t be in his face. Sometimes I won’t even see him. And I wasn’t working at the time but I was waiting to start my new job.. so I was super bored . I hate being bored and alone .. When I did about a week later I came to see him. Well came to his block . He was talking to me asking me about my new job. We laugh and stuff he told me he was gonna come over. Like he always do but don’t.

Smh I do not think he’s lying because he was always at my house everynight . Since we started talking. Idk we just connected like that. Even when he got mad about me driving the guys car he was saying damn near everyday we was talking he was coming over. I wouldn’t even ask he would just say it . ” Ima come over later” I would make a face like yea ok. And Hell be like I really am . I’ll say ok . With in the pass two weeks he’s been drinking . He doesn’t drink. I seen him with a girl! Omg my heart stoped I pulled up on them. They was outside of a bar his face was shocked. I just said hey and kept it moving I just wanted him to see that I seen him.. I didn’t text or call him later on the next day he text me wanting sex I told him no. Go text the lil b**ch I seem you with. He text back lol.. I questioned him about her he said she’s a friend . But he had his hand on her but so what kind of friends are y’all??

I asked him did he have sex with her he said no. I told him I didn’t want him having sec with other females he said “I know that” . As of now I’ve been drinking more and smoking pot more to try and not think about him this weekend just passed he called me drunk. I was drunk myself. He asked where I was and what I was doing asking who I was with and everything. I asked the same he told me and then I asked him if he loved me. He told me yea. And I believe that saying drunk people speak sober minds. I told him I loved him too. He’s said no I don’t. I reassured him I do and told him to come over so I could show him and prove it lol . He didn’t come but I did t make a big deal about it cuz I passed out anyways lol NOW! Last night I was in my feeling . I don’t want to lose him and I been waiting for us to have a talk for like a month. I came to realized he’s not a talker but I am . I have to talk about things. Talk it out. So I wrong him a long text message. Telling him what I love about him telling him how I feel about him. Asking him if we can make it work. It’s was a really nice love letter I feel like..

But it’s been 10 hrs and no responds or call. I feel like if he didn’t want me he would of been cut me off I’ve even asked him do he wanna stop dealing with me. He doesn’t answer questions like that. I beg him to be honest with me . And I think he does. I just don’t like how he communicate. I wanna make this work I really do love him and I know I hurt him but he hurt me to. And I feel like if he really didn’t want to talk or be with me he wouldn’t be. I haven’t been giving him any money or sex. So I know it’s not that. Well we did have sex about 2 weeks ago. I was drunk and missed him so much I had to get some lol. Oh btw he doesn’t kiss me anymore since I drove on his block in my gut friend car but when we was having sex his tongue was down my throat lol . Felt passionate. And he really can’t resist my kisses. I can see Alot threw his eyes. If he sad, mad, tired. I just want him. I never felt like this before. He really does treat me nice. Should I just give him his space let him come to me?

It’s hard tho I be trying . I can’t go without hearing his voice for more then 2 days.. Ugh maybe it’s me. What to do ?


Your message is very difficult for me to understand with phrases such as him calling you a “file.” Either that or you are using a lot of slang that I am personally having a difficult time in following.

Just generally speaking and in my own humble opinion with what you wrote you both seem to be losing a bit of yourselves over these drugs and alcohol to the point where you aren’t truly seeing the other person. I personally feel it is very destructive to in a sense rely on substances like these to try and hide or tame emotions that you should learn to deal with head on.

With that said and how it relates to him to me with what you wrote this relationship feels like it is in some ways a “drug” where each person is in a sense relying on it to give them happiness. This is as opposed to say the person being happy in their life already where the relationship is more about making it better. To me this would make sense with the on and off again attitude with the sudden surge of passion only for it to disappear just like that at times.

At the same time, it seems like he is “comfortable” with the current process he needs to go through to obtain what he feels he needs emotionally. It reminds me of like a person going to a restaurant all the time because they are hungry. Just because they go there all the time doesn’t necessarily mean they truly love it. It could really be just for the simple reason of wanting to fill in the hunger the laziest way they know how at the lowest cost possible. I could imagine there like at times they will say how the food tastes bad and all yet they still go back all the time. When you are starving in a sense everything will taste better.

I feel this starts with you first in defining what this relationship really is right now and compare it to where you want it to be. At this point it feels like you two are constantly hurting each other but because of these life needs you run back to each other. Time to dig deep for the both of you I feel where the other should be a non-factor in you defining who you are as a person and what it should mean to be in love with someone.

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