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Is A Pisces Man Extremely Dependent and Needy On Others

I was reading an article recently where the topic revolved around the compatibility level when it comes to relationships of people with specific zodiac signs. My initial thought was, “okay, this is going to be interesting” as this is one of those many times where it’s interesting to see how people like me get labelled because of the date I was born. A common theme I was reading had quotes such as “The Pisces man is too demanding for the free-spirited” or “The Pisces man needs a lot of attention and care. He is dependent.”

That kind of makes me wonder to discuss the topic of what is the definition of “dependent” here? I hear this all the time too. Because quite frankly, a reason why a person like me is so reserved is because I am not dependent on others. Like you may have gathered from reading some of my other posts, a person like me has developed the ability to manage and understand my emotions where ultimately I am looking for people who can help make it better.

It’s a big reason why I tend to have the patience and expectation of trying to find “the one” as they say and don’t mind the long journey. If you think about it, if I was say really dependent on another person emotionally shouldn’t that mean I would want to jump into every relationship as fast as possible because of this need? It’s obviously a connection we are all in search for of course to make things better. But I am sure you can see how that would be a bit contradicting.

That’s why I feel even words like “shy” is often misused to describe my personality. It’s not that I am shy but instead I usually opt to observe what is happening as my mind is running at like hundred miles an hour trying to analyze a situation. Would you say a huge dominant wrestler type of figure is “strong” because one is very abrasive and say the small master martial artist is “weak” because he seems so calm? Like there, I would question what our definition of “strong” is.

I think a better word instead of very “dependent” would be very “principled.” A person like me often takes a very long time to allow people into my deeper zones where I essentially place my trust on you. Therefore, if it reaches to the stage of say a relationship then I try virtually everything to make you feel like the world. You obviously made me feel this way too. Therefore, the “trust” is that we will continue to give each other this “energy.” (Can change that word to say love or anything else if you want)

Now let’s say you stop giving me this energy but I still continued to give it to you. To me in my mind it would be like “Are you there? Why are you not giving anymore? You made me trust you that you will always be there.” Realistically with the way my mind works, I could almost literally just walk away in that case if I feel one has maliciously betrayed me where they are then gone from my life. But in general, out of principles I am sticking with it and essentially giving one the benefit of the doubt that they will come through. I can see how that would be interpreted as being “dependent” on the other, but that is not the case.

Think of it like a business that has no issues running on its own. Then one day, an artist needed a place to sell his/her work and could contribute to the business in great ways such as making some paintings to sell. Therefore, the business agrees to give the artist a section in the store exclusively to sell their work. Overall, it benefits both. The business is still getting an income and this person essentially has a job now. Match made in heaven right?

Now for whatever reason the artist stops making paintings which means the section at the store is empty now. So the business now is like “Hey, where are the paintings? The section is empty.” If you think about it, the business can replace it with anything they want. But out of principles they kind of had a mutual agreement. Therefore, they keep nagging the artist for the paintings. Would it be accurate in that case for you to say that business is just so needy or “dependent” on the artist? I would say no as it is more about honoring a sense of trust that it thought was established between the two.

The established relationship makes no sense if it was like the business simply stocks up the section with things they normally would if the artist feels like simply doing nothing yet still wants exclusive access to parts of the business whenever they feel like it. There probably are businesses that would do that. But to be fair, if your train of thought is like that artist then realistically you should find a business that could equally just cut you out whenever it feels like it too. Like there, the mismatch is not so much about one being dependent over the other, but rather the imbalance of how much commitment one is willing to give versus the other. That’s why it is important to establish how much trust and commitment you are willing to put out there in the beginning too I feel.

Now obviously not everyone is going to be exactly the same even if they do have a personality like me because everyone has made different choices in life which has given them different tools on how to manage everyday life. That’s why you need to factor in things like the person’s habits when it comes to dealing with things like stress. Example, like there do they always try and drown it out with other things or can they actually calm themselves down naturally? From my observations anyways, people that tend to need to drown it out with other things to just hide it would be the ones more likely to say enter into a relationship where the hope is that will solve the emotional issues in their lives. Hence, the “dependency” on others. I feel that would be true for anyone though.

Hopefully that helps to give a better understanding on what “dependent” really is for someone like me as I again I think the word “principled” would be more accurate.

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