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AJ Asks:

Hi, there is this pisces guy in my choir that I’ve kind of known indirectly for years. Meaning we’ve seen each other around and have spoken and are even Facebook friends but have never had a conversation. However, I recently joined the choir so now we interact more since we sit next to each other during church and rehearsal. We laugh and joke together as if we have been knowing each other forever.

We hug when we see each other, like the I’m really happy to see you kind of hugs, and the hugs are tight long hugs he even kisses me on the cheek. So that’s all good but we don’t have any contact outside of this except a few funny comments on Facebook. So I decided to take a chance and message him via Facebook with just small talk to see if he would flirt or give any hint of interest, but I was disappointed that he didn’t.

I asked him just a few light questions about himself he answered them all but didn’t ask me anything. Now I think he might not be interested despite our seemingly flirtatious behavior in person. I’m a Leo so I naturally flirt could it be the same for him. Just a natural flirt? How could I go about finding out for sure if he likes me?


Your situation is kind of tricky as in one half of it sounds like he is showing interest through physical actions like the long hugs. However, you also mentioned that he isn’t following up with questions for you which is a bad sign too. Another factor I am not quite clear about is how fast did he reply to you in those instances? Because if he replied very fast there is a good chance he is interested but just extremely shy or unsure how you feel per se.

I feel this is just a situation where you should take more initiative such as the activity inviting route. Basically, find something that you know for sure he would be interested in and ask him if he wants to go with you. The hope is you are actually genuinely interested in this event as well. This will go a long way in seeing if he is just extremely shy or simply have no real interest to push things further with you.

Example, even if he couldn’t make it he would take initiative after to find something else that the two of you can do along the same lines. Or if he just says “Sorry, can’t make it” with no form of follow up then odds are there is no romantic interest.

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