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Jasmine Asks:

Hi! So i met this pisces guy and i’ve never been so confused in my life.
So this guy i met was my brothers friend and I immediately liked him, his personality was so enchanting but I couldn’t tell if he liked me too. Anyway i live in another country from where he lives due to my education , so when i saw him i was actually on a vacation to my hometown. Long story short i added him on fb and we talked for two days straight and he admitted that he has been having feeling for me since the first time we met and I confessed my feelings too and we were on cloud 9.

And now that I returned back to where i live, i feel like he has been so distant and we never actually speak or talk unless me asking what is wrong. I honestly don’t know what happened or what to do i hope you help me. Have a nice day:)


There isn’t much for me to add here with what you wrote other than it sounds like you simply need to be more involved with him in is regular daily life if you want him to open up. There could be a variety of reasons that factor his thought process such as thinking the relationship won’t work out so why bother or that he doesn’t know how to proceed.

You need to look at the type of conversations you have been having with him and whether or not he has been accepting things like invitations to do activities with you. All I know based on what you wrote is that he confessed his feelings and replies to you fast which means he is interested in you. Other than that, there isn’t really any specific detail to work with on why he isn’t taking initiative with you so that’s some homework that you would have to do.

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