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My Pisces ex won’t return my key like he is confused about what he is doing wrong

DREA Asks:

I am a single mother which hurts even more well it started like this I met a guy in my teenage years we were friends for a long time then one day he asked me out but in lived out of town by then so every weekend we made plans I would return home and spend time with him he act like he was so in love but we would stop talking for long periods of time then pick up like it never stopped…. well I moved home 10 months ago I ran into him at a football game we started talking and things moved fast I’m a Capricorn so this is a lot for me.

Well he acted like he was so in love with me then he would stop calling, stand me up, not gm texts anymore… but when I call he acts like everything is okay. So we have a house together he stopped coming home but will not give me my key he keeps asking what did he do…. all the lies, different women, openingly flirting, no calls…. he said he wants to be with me but I put to much pressure on him but I don’t I do everything for him


There isn’t really a question here but I will assume you want my take on what is potentially going on. Based on what you wrote I am inclined to go back to how I tell everyone that if the relationship is going way too fast that usually means something is wrong. A person like me anyways should be cautious about moving too fast as I want to make sure you are the one considering I want to know that our commitment and connection with each other is mutually strong.

Speaking from my own observations, usually when it goes that fast then the person wants something from you specifically as opposed to wanting to be with you. Example, in your case maybe it was getting a “home” and winning your heart was simply the means to do so. I know, not exactly the thing you would want to hear but I am simply being realistic on the possibilities based on what you wrote and the behavioral patterns I have witnessed personally.

Like saying, you may do everything for him, yes. But if he doesn’t truly want to be with you then that makes perfect sense as what he really wants are the things you give him without anything attached to it. If that’s true then it’s time for you to make a decision and stand your ground I say.


  • Drea March 8, 2016

    I understand what you are saying and I’ve spoken to him and he says it’s to much for him now he wants to take my dog a gift he gave me. I just asked for my key back why won’t he let go….. what is he holding on to by having my door key

  • Drea March 8, 2016

    He said that we were moving to fast but couldn’t tell me how…. I moved into this home for US but he dosnet have answers. He told me once we moved it would get better. Now it’s to much. Am I to clingy because I want to be shown real love and respect. I am just hurt and confused because I want to believe he loves me he wants me

  • Alan March 8, 2016

    Sounds to me that key is like a form of control he is using on you. Same thing with the dog as it feels like he is using that to try and punish you emotionally to get you in line as the say. I can’t really comment too much about the “clingy” remark as I don’t exactly know what you do to classify it as such. Like for me anyways assuming I really love the girl, if by clingy you mean always being curious in wanting to know more about each other each and every day I would feel that is great. If you make it feel like clingy in the sense that I am absolutely your only battery/power in life where I literally can’t give my energy in any way to anything else in life then that is bad.

    Judge your relation based on facts and not emotions I say. We always “want to believe” or “want to change” people. But maybe it’s time to look at the facts and make a rational decision.

  • Drea March 12, 2016

    Thanks Alan, the question is as a Capricorn I’m confused…. why do Pisces hold on to broken situations aparrently he is not into me like we were. I let him know how Bella our dog was doing after the doctor and I told him I pray for him daily, he said thanks then told me he loved me, which I didn’t ask for that I just wanted him to know I am thinking of him. I’m a good woman and a friend is that maybe what he is holding on to or do Pisces just tell you what you want to hear . I thought maybe he would miss me like I miss him but he isn’t calling or texting it’s been two weeks since things were at least almost normal. He is not talking to my daughter now which calls him daddy.

  • Alan March 12, 2016

    Why he would hold on can be for many reasons. This is why I suggest that you should judge everything based on facts and not emotions. As I have mentioned in other posts it’s not wise to blanket statement everyone as even if say two people have a very similar keen senses or mannerism the values and intentions can be completely different. Example, one person could be with you because they authentically like you as a person. Another person could literally show that same level of care at times except they are doing it because they want something from you. So you need to judge the situation based on facts and consistency.

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