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Michelle Asks:

After almost ten years of off and on again with my pisces……we seemed to really hit it off okay, he showed me so much he hadn’t shown me in all the years we had dealt with each other in one night, and that same night I had a little alcohol infused meltdown…(I am a leo female) and blew a situation way out of proportion…….he reached out to me and offered me a concert ticket….(yes ONE ticket) so I thought it meant we were attending it together, we go eat dinner near the venue, and he hands me my ticket and basically says he has some things to do solo prior to the concert, I didn’t get crazy or show a reaction, although I wanted to lose my damn mind.

Instead I played it cool and figured I would just hang on my own……we go our separate ways, he texts me a half of an hour later and says he is on his way to the concert, which left me puzzled…….like didn’t you basically in not so many words say you had all of these things to do and we were doing on our own things?……anyway long story short, I get there an hour and half later, since I was having a good time with a few people I had met …….I get to the concert, he is with his group of male friends, I didn’t want to be a pest, so I went down in the crowd and had a ball figuring we would get together when it ended, however he wouldn’t answer the phone, I then left him a message thanking him profusely for the ticket and explained how much fun I had……..that was two weeks ago and he still won’t talk or respond to me………after all these years, you would think I would know why, and how and so forth…….but I just don’t get it…..Please, Please help me ..he is the love of my life……ugggh…..:)


Based on what you wrote I think the key moment is when he texted you that he is going to the concert. I am a little confused by this as you wrote he texted you a half an hour later but then say you personally got there a half an hour later. So for the sake of confusion and assumption clarification at the moment it’s like saying he texts you at 1pm. He arrives at 1:30pm to not see you there as you were having fun elsewhere. Afterwards you arrive at 2pm. I think the key information here is when he texted you that he would arrive in thirty minutes did you reply back saying you weren’t actually at the concert and such? Or was everything just a surprise to him when he arrived?

If the scenario I wrote is accurate where he was just surprised then your situation would make sense to me in terms of him ignoring you. Especially as you implied where you have just had a fight of sort and he gave you these tickets after. To me anyways, giving you the ticket is like the benefit of the doubt moment. Example, you yelled at him or whatever. If this was me as an example, I don’t know how to categorize that yet as it could be you are say an “angry” person or it’s simply the alcohol talking. Not wanting to classify your actions yet, maybe I knew you loved concerts or whatever and therefore my hope is you would reaffirm the good side I have always seen in you.

Assuming you never responded to him and such, there are just so many negative emotions that can come out of this. Example, it demonstrates in a sense ingratitude for the concert tickets, selfishness in not at least telling him you weren’t there ahead of time and then it all points back to the day you had the meltdown. So it’s like he is now forced to think is this relationship right? This is a very deep thought and is not something that can be solved such as giving a kid candy. If you have a true connection and love for each other then you should know what he values in life and all while showing you are like him in a life values sense. At the moment all your actions to him probably demonstrates the opposite.

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