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I’ve been friends with my pisces for about 3 years and there has always been a strong sexual attraction. We finally decided about 3 months ago to be fwb and it has been great. Lately, tho he is pulling away, not giving me an answer when I ask him to come over, saying maybe or he’ll hollar at me. He texts me almost every morning and we talk on text through out the day.

The issue is he is always talking to me about other women and I don’t get jealous, I just think the things he says are almost being said to intentionally hurt me. He never thought I would be able to do FWB without falling in love and I have been able to, I don’t want anything more from him.

We do not spend the night together, we do not kiss, we basically have sex and he’ll hang around and talk to me for about 30 minutes afterwards. We see each other anywhere from 2-4 times a week for sex. We are not young kids, we are grown adults and I just feel like there is something that he is not telling me and I feel him pushing me away every time we get too close….


From what you wrote it almost feels like due to the time you two have spent together that naturally grows a relationship and makes one wonder if there is more. I don’t think it’s a coincident how many couple’s start because they see each other at work or meetings all the time as an example.

Him talking about other woman could be a passive way to test if you are curious as well to potentially explore that avenue in some way. But since you essentially give him no real reaction to it then it makes sense as to how he doesn’t stick around per se. Although I am a bit confused where you say you feel that he is pushing away when you get too close. Because if you say this is FWB where you in a sense don’t care as it is all about sex then isn’t that what you want from him too? If not then the simple answer I would imagine is start communicating or giving him signs you want to explore more.

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