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Pisces and alcohol

Ashley Asks:

Hello Alan,

I met this Pisces guy through my best friend (Stephanie) from college. He is her cousin. I first met him when my best friend and her family were in town for a football game. I met up with them at their hotel room in which Stephanie introduced me into her family and friends that were there. Jordan(pisces) was standing across the room and we locked eyes as he initiated his own introduction. I was instantly attracted to him.

We all went drinking that night. I don’t recall talking to him much while we were at the bars but I did glance at him ever so often because I couldn’t help but think how handsome he was. Anyway, the bars close and we go back to the hotel. Downstairs had a 24hr game room with a pool table. Most of the group including Stephanie went up to the hotel room because they were tired. So, there I was with 2 of Stephanie’s cousin whom I just met that night. The other cousin tries to hit on some girls (lesbians we assumed) that were playing pool and then follows them outside to smoke. Jordan stayed with me. (I am shy around people I don’t really know especially if I find them attractive.) So, Jordan and I are awkwardly looking at each and just smiling because we were left alone and we didn’t know one another. The game room has glass walls so we can see his cousin outside so I jokingly say you should probably go help your cousin out and he says laughs and says naw I’m good.

Awkward pause and smile at each other than he reaches his hand out to place it on my leg. I honestly couldn’t help but smile because it was awkward in the timing that he did it and because he was kind of far from me so he had to reach to place his arm on my leg. Abruptly after another family comes from the room and tells us we should get some sleep since we had to get up soon. So, I drank too much because the last thing I remember is standing up. I don’t remember the walk to the room. But in the middle of night I feel someone pull the blanket that I had brought off of me. I open my eyes and Stephanie is laying in front of me. I turn over and Jordan and I are cuddling. The next morning I didn’t really say anything. It was kind of weird since his family was there and that whole day I was kind of quiet because I was hungover.

The third time I hung out with him I actually went to Vegas with Stephanie and her family. Me, Steph, and Jordan rode together. On the car ride there, Jordan and I killed a bottle of tequila together. Stephanie isn’t a fan of tequila and the driver was driving and I couldn’t let him take shots by himself. We get to Vegas and walk the strip a bit then we go back to the hotel room. Jordan and I shared the pull out couch in the living room while the couples we were with took the rooms. As soon we got back to the hotel room, I drunkenly brushed my teeth and change into my pjs and lay on the bed. Moments later Jordan lays down and starts touching me.
I’m drunk and find him attractive so I touch me too. I eventually stop myself because I was realize that I am too drunk and I like him too much to just have drunk sex with him. So, I tell him no and slowly turn over. He gets ups and uses the bathroom and when he comes out he lays on the floor instead. (I’m tiny and I take up barely any space. He could of laid on the bed)

I guess I am writing you because I want to know more about pisces men when they are drunk and probably because I want you tell me what I already assume is happening which is he probably just wants sex.

Random. But I followed him on Instagram and he requested to follow me months later twice but then unfollowed me right after I approved his request both times. He follows back everyone who follows him I noticed but he won’t follow me. What’s up with that?


Just to note I personally don’t drink alcohol so I have technically never been drunk in my life. So my opinions come from my knowledge in observing and communicating with a wide variety of people. I was a little confused with the timeline of the Instagram thing as it would kind of be different if it was before or after this drunk scenario. But generally speaking that would show me that he is in some way insecure about expressing feelings that he has for you. Example, the thought of you knowing that he finds you say attractive. Imagine it like a stereotypical cartoon scenario of a guy trying to run up to the attractive girl but then quickly runs back and does it a few times.

With that in mind the drunk scenario makes sense where he was touching you and all only to then sleep on the floor when you stopped it. Basically, that drunk moment when he touched you seemed like he could forget about being insecure about the whole thing. But as soon as you stopped it’s like insecurity to the max again and hence he should stay far away from you. I think it’s fair to say he wanted to have sex with you if that was the question, but combined with everything else you mentioned it seems like he is inexperienced in being able to express what he feels.


  • Ashley April 9, 2017

    Thanks insight Alan! To clarify, the instagram situation was before Vegas

  • Ashley April 9, 2017

    Thanks for the insight Alan! To clarify, the instagram situation was before Vegasr

  • Ashley April 11, 2017

    How do I make him feel less insecure around me?

  • Alan April 13, 2017

    The straight forward answer would be don’t reject him but encourage him. As to what exactly that would be and what your limits are depends on you and the scenario.

  • Ashley June 30, 2017

    The instagram thing still sparks my curiosity. Can you clarify what you said about the instagram situation? You could tell me both scenarios. What if it was before Vegas or after?

  • Alan July 12, 2017

    It was essentially just an extra note to show if he was uncomfortable with you as a person in general, hence before Vegas, or because of what happened in Vegas. Almost like asking did you get a phobia before or after you visited a certain place. If it was after then that is simply emphasis that he was uncomfortable more with the situation as opposed to you that you would need to address.

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