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Pisces and virginity

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Hello, I am 26 yo and I am a virgin, I had long term relationships but I didn’t feel like having sex with my partners, I didn’t have that very deep connection, I didn’t feel the bond enough strong to let me go… But now I am in love with a pisces man… I am a bit scared to let him know I am a virgin… Maybe he will feel stressed out for this reason because I know that pisces are very sensitive and emotional… 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁


This is kind of an extremely subjective topic as it really depends on the person. Example, for myself I am not exactly one to rush into stuff like this as I would take the relationship pretty seriously where I want to make sure the person is “the one” as they say. So if anything your “virginity” would be a positive in that sense as it kind of implies you are serious as well in a sense.

On the flip side, I have no idea about this guy you are in love with. Example, is he the kind that insists people must have sex as soon as possible as they consider physical intimacy compatibility as a deal breaker? Nothing wrong with that as everyone is different of course, but with that in mind this isn’t a sensitivity issue in my view when it comes to him. This is purely a values issue that you kind of have to be clear about for yourself and him.

Example, is this a deal breaker for you if a person can’t wait? If anything, this is a way to find out now if your values coincide with each other. One scenario is he says he’s not like that and must have sex now and you break up. In my view, you just saved yourself some emotional stress of being with the wrong person. The second scenario is you tell him and he values it with you where you can continue to build the relationship until it seems right.

Don’t feel like you have to compromise yourself like this for fear you will “lose” someone as they say. If he is the right guy for you then you should be able to openly share this information that he will embrace.

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