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Eye Contact And Showing Interest

A reader sent in the following question when it comes to a person making eye contact with you and if that is a sign of anything. This was the question:

Hi I have some questions on Pisces men, if you don’t mind :]

I am so confused about this Pisces- I don’t know if he’s interested or not. During class, we usually make eye contact and hold it; I hear this is a sign of interest, but I honestly am not sure!

Sometimes I talk to him over AIM, and we do have conversations but sometimes it seems like I’m talking to myself as he answers pretty late. *If it helps, I’m a Gemini.

My basic question is, how do you tell if a Pisces guy likes you, and how do you attract his attention? [such as what Pisces men look for in women]

This is the first time I’ve felt I’ve really liked someone; please help !

Thank you so much :]

And this is my response:

For showing interest, when it comes to eye contact I would say it is more about the facial expression and body language that will show if the person is interested in you or not. Example, if the two of you make eye contact and he tries something goofy to make you laugh or smile that means he is actively engaging with you to want to get to know you better. If you are both looking at each other and he gives you like a poker face then most likely in his mind he is analyzing if you like him or not in that way more out of ego and curiosity at that moment.

As for what men look for in a women, this is extremely subjective as everyone is different. Although, my very broad answer to this is if the person has a more timid and ambitious personality then what really gets them on the hook for the long run is if they know that the person has experienced similar obstacles in life as well as sharing similar passions. Example, if I was a guy that was bullied in my elementary days all the time and yet I came out of that experience as a stronger individual, knowing that the girl went through a similar experience with similar results tells me a lot about her personality already as someone I can connect with well. Hence, you don’t need to try too hard after to get his attention.

Now if the guy is a complete cheat in life ,so to speak, while always just living in the moment and wanting to impress others then I don’t think I need to explain the stereotypical things that a guy would be looking for in a girl.

Basically, it comes down to the level of engagement on the guy’s part to show if he is interested in you or not. Example, if you two have a conversation and reach a dead end, if he tries to add something to keep the conversation going then those are great signs that he is interested in you. Maybe not necessarily in a relationship way yet, but definitely as a person. Find out if you two have any compelling similarities when it comes to life experience and hobbies is the key I’d say.

Hope that helps.


  • Kimberly November 10, 2013

    Wow!!! Alan, u are amazing! A gifted writer and counselor to boot! If u r still around I really could use some advice right about now.

  • Alan November 21, 2013

    Thank you for the comments. 😀 I am still around. I am trying to organize all questions to the “Ask A Question” form. Please use that if you have a question as it makes it easier for me to to respond to people.

  • Natasha September 22, 2015

    Alan, you are precious. I hope this is not too late that I found your web. Still useful though. Well done sir.

  • Alan September 22, 2015

    Thank you Natasha. 😀

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