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Pisces Guy – 7 Years …And Still Confused About Our Love Life

Navi Asks:


First off all, I am very thankful for this website.

My Pisces guy used to tease me when we were 13, but said nice things and complimented me too! He was shy, but acted very different around his friends…he would act cold and very masculine…but tease me.

In highschool, he would always come to the library, and show signs of liking me …he would wear the shirt I like on him everyday. He was shy in front of me only…but treated everyone differently. He is romantic too..judging from the things he likes. He is smart..and a good person at heart but acts differently around different people. He would also always look into my eyes…and come my way just to share a glance at eachother. I felt some connection with him…we didn’t have to talk…I just knew everything from looking into his eyes. When I started a conversation with him…he got very nervous and tongue twisted and ran away! Then the second time, he answered with only one word and went away.

But its been two years since we have seen eachother….he never initiated any contact…and when I added him on facebook he rejected my friend request. He still likes romantic stuff on facebook and acts like he likes me…but he rejected my request!

what do u think is going on with him? Should I move on? Does he think of me? Was he trying to hide something?

Thank you.


This sounds like it is simply a guy going through the phase of doing what one feels is right versus what one thinks will appease others for respect. Based on what you wrote, I can pretty much guarantee he would add you as a friend if you recently accomplished something in a highly publicized fashion as an example. He would probably start initiating the contact too.
That is the tricky part. If what I said is accurate with him are you willing to tolerate a relationship where a person is too weak willed to do the things he believes in despite outside social pressure? The common scenario here I see is that the girl would then agree that he is just in a phase of sort and then would latch on trying to change him. That is a personal prerogative of course, but in my opinion people need to experience life themselves to grow up and mature into the real person they want to be.

The only other common action I can think of on why he would reject a fried request despite him flirting with you which you imply is that he tells others things such as he would never go out with a person like you for the sake of looking macho. Therefore, doing things like adding you as a friend on a social networking site would make people question him. So he feels the need to continue with the persona he is trying to project to others.

In my personal opinion, it might be wise to start evaluating based on actions as opposed to assumptions. Example, you say he likes romantic stuff on Facebook which would imply that he is romantic. If what I said above is true, how do we know he doesn’t like it simply to fit in with others? Factually it doesn’t really fit in with the persona of someone who would bluntly reject a friend request on Facebook as an example. A super shy or romantic guy will more likely just accept it as they don’t want to hurt people’s feelings or they would leave the request hanging.

Should you move on? That is up to you of course. But by the sounds of it he isn’t mature enough to be in a serious relationship if that is what you are looking for.

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