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Hello. Let me get straight to the point. Im totally confused as to if this pisces is intrested Or not. well we started talking For a while then he disappeared And came bk, then he disappeared again And came bk he did this 3times but this time for the first time i actually felt like he liked me. I never met him yet we’re both from the same country but live aboard but Hes coming this summer which is Really good news. But i really like him And he knows that Hes always checking up on me And letting me kno what Hes up too this happened for just a week lol, but just of the past weekend he started acting strange I messaged him And he didnt answer me till the next day i was really upset abt it but i didnt say anything till he messaged he was being Nice still, i sent a Video i made earlier that day And he was like Youre so cute And i luv videos lol i wanted to laugh but i had to ask him where he been And he told me so i just answered him being sarcástic wit a Okay cool etc. But since after that he hasnt spoken to me and today he puts up a Picture with him And a girl Im a Scorpion so Im into my feelings alot maybe it cud be a frend Or family. Is he trying to make me jealous Or is he trying to show Hes not intrested. And i pretended i didnt see the pic btw 🙂


There is a lot of guessing game here where it seems like you are stressing yourself out by over-thinking. Either way, your situation sounds like you simply need to take initiative one way or another I feel. Based on what you wrote, he seems compliant in wanting to at least acknowledge your efforts to talk and communicate with him. That usually means there is something about you that he at least finds pleasant to be around. Based on what you wrote there doesn’t seem to be a sign that he is super interested in you at the moment in terms of a relationship for one reason or another.

Imagine this as an example scenario. There is a girl who I get along with and am responsive to her messages. Let’s pretend in my mind I am guessing she has a clear interest in me in a relationship way based on her actions but for the most part it is just an educated guess. So, I continue being friendly and all. At the same time, I know that she has a lifestyle or a trait which I feel would make us incompatible such as maybe she smokes cigarettes which I dislike.

Think about it there. I am not going to say to the girl personally “Sorry, we can never be” as in my mind everything is just a hunch. Until the person makes it specifically clear that they are trying to move things beyond the friendship zone as an example I would simply continue as is. When you say you know that he likes you for example I am assuming as well you didn’t bluntly make it apparent that you wanted to take things to the next step.

But either way again, I feel you simply need to be more direct on what you hope will happen between you two.

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