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I am dating a pisces man or was and we do both like each other and care for each other… he calls me everyday and text everyday. Wr hangout often but he is also “confused” and doesnt know what he wants and is unwilling to drop the girls hes sleeping with. Because of this i’m sleeping with other people as well because why should I give all my energy and commitment to someone who debates doing the same. He recently had to go to the hospital and get stitches for a mountain biking accident and i accompanied him. I stayed with him for days taking care of him and he did tell me it made him emotional.l and he really appreciated me for it.

Recently while i was out of town though he was rude and when he told me about his day because I asked..he told me what he did and followed it by its none of your business though. So, i responded by saying i’m really upset and tired of him being so mean to me. I also feel like he thinks i should give more to deserve anything from him because sometimes he seriously asks me “oh you think you deserve that?” I told him we’re at standstill because hes not getting what he wants..sex and that kind of affection and im not getting what i want. Long story short i said i needed space and i got back to new mexico he changed a few things and we ended up hanging out but then he told me about drama with a girl he was sleeping with..

i was annoyed and then he talked about the message i sent from the weekend and i was scared and defensive and just said idk if i can do it anymore and im over it and mot attracted to the situation..i said a lot and hurt him..the next day (yesterday) he said “we’re really mean to eachother. I like you but i think we’ve runout course” that being said im here if you need anyone. We went back and forth a little and i did push him away and know i hurt him by being harsh i said sorry for it and thats why i needed space but mkxed signals and wanting me but other girls too was too much for me. I do miss him and regret whati said and didnt realize it would hurt so much. Do i just give him slace after this situation?

I cant keep messaging him thats too much as well and pisces tend to run from that. Also school ends in 3 weeks ill go back to california hell remain in new mexico for a while for the summer.


Based on what you wrote I would generally say you two don’t seem right for each other as it seems like the wants and needs for a relationship between you two are completely different at this point in life. With what you wrote about the situation though and to answer your main question I would personally feel that as long as you make sure to let him know that “The door is always opened” then that is good enough where you would just pretty much abide to whatever request he has. But is that what you want? To me it doesn’t seem like it which would just result in more conflict it seems.

When it comes to messaging all you really need to do is send one with the basic message implying that if he wishes to see you and so forth then you will be there. Then let him decide as I am sure the 3 weeks thought is on his mind too. In many ways it comes down to wanting the freedom to do and explore things as he pleases it seems without feeling like he has to do something if that makes sense. Again, does that match with what you want is the question I would focus more on personally.

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