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Franc Asks:

Hi mysterious pisces, I really admire a married Pisces man at my workplace. He is a very thoughtful, gentle and understanding person and every colleagues at work enjoyed working with him. He is a family man, but often I get the feeling that our attraction are mutual. Things like when he walk past my desk he would hold that eye contact for for second longer but sometimes when I feel that he is looking and I looked in his direction he would look flustered and walk away. At first, I thought it was a harmless admiration but soon I find myself thinking of him every time and I am falling for him. But still.. Don’t get me wrong, the last I would do is to be a third party. All I wanted to know is what are the things and a Pisces man would do if they like a person so I can know and not ask him directly so we can always stay friends. Appreciate your help.


That is a bit of an open ended question. With what you wrote it could be lust where for many the mind can wander off in curiosity. With that said, I am a little unsure if you mean “like” in the sense that he finds you physically attractive or would want to develop a deeper relationship with you.

With this circumstance though, if he is that nervous he will most likely try and research more into you without you knowing. This could range from learning about some of your past work or asking others like a colleague to tell what they know about you. That is kind of a tricky answer too because it’s not like you can just tell if he is doing that.

The more extreme circumstance would be once he feels he knows enough about you such as a favorite hobby or interest they will make an effort to let you know they are interested in it too in hopes you will initiate contact.


  • Franc October 11, 2015

    Hi, sorry for being vague in the descriptions. He did ask me a lot of questions. Questions like where did I work previously, what I always do on weekends, do I have siblings and one question which I find it very funny as he ask if I like hello kitty and if my room is pink in colour. I am indeed younger than him but I am in my 20s already. Once or twice I heard him saying things like ‘did you miss me’ in a joking manner to my colleagues when he is back from a holiday but when I didn’t see him in a period of time he ask how’s things going for you without the flirt. He just treats me differently. He would recommend me to places he went before or food that he had before to state a few examples. Whenever we are in a group he talks a lot about work and brings up his wife and kids but when we are alone he don’t. He frequently say things like ‘my wife doesn’t text me as often’ or ‘women changes after they are married and have children’, what is he thinking?Is he lacking attention from his wife therefore seeking attention from others? From all these, are you able to tell if he like me as friend/physically or as what you have said, like me in a deeper way? Definitely I do but I can’t do anything about it since he already have a family, will he understand this or will he just assume that I am not interested? I wish to know so I can determine whether it is one-sided on my end so I can stop being an idiot. (I am sorry, but I heard Pisces men likes to play mind games) Thank you very much Alan.

  • Alan October 12, 2015


    So far with what you wrote it doesn’t feel like he likes you on a deeper level per se. It feels more like you have attractive qualities that he likes in a women such as maybe you remind him of his wife before she changed. Actually, a funny way to semi evaluate this is if you could find out indirectly if his wife was into things like Hello Kitty. It’s almost like saying maybe when he met her she was very “feminine” and now she isn’t type of thing.

    With that said, that means he could theoretically be swayed to like you on a deeper level as it sounds like he currently has problems. But I don’t think that would be a good idea personally since he is already in a relationship. It does feel like he is missing the thrill and energy that his relationship used to have and so he is venting it out to others.

    That would make sense to me in terms of recommending you the places he eats at and such with this type of context. It’s almost like a person wanting their old lover back and instead does it precariously through another person instead. Again, you could sway the person, but I don’t think that is a good idea.

  • Franc October 13, 2015

    Thank you.

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