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Pisces Man Confusion

Karen Asks:

Hi I dated a Pisces for 7 months then he dropped me and said he wanted to be friends we were close and very affectionate we broke up and got back 3 times in 4 years then we had a 3 year break and he dated and moved in with another woman he came to my house twice saying this woman verbally abused him and I was a good woman and we eventually got back together again then I broke it off because it didn’t feel right I’ve recently found out he’s back with her and its broken my heart because she is no good for him I’ve always loved Steve and a few years ago he actually confessed he loved me and when I wasn’t there he realized what he’d lost now because he didn’t have the guts to say he was going back with her I feel let down and angry did he ever really love and want me or was he playing me all along I am a Virgo.


I am going to go out on a limb here and say that he probably did love you to a certain extent based on what you wrote. However, he sounded very immature in the sense that he doesn’t really know himself and what to do with his feelings and instincts if that makes sense. Stereotypically, it’s like saying when we all grow up we all get aroused sexually right? Therefore, many people just act on it based on what their body tells them. You then have the situation of “This person is a fling type and that type is a marry type.”

To me, it seems like he was struggling to find that balance. This might not be the best way to say it, but that would also mean that you don’t encompass everything that he is currently looking for or needs in a mate. I say that so that hopefully you don’t fall in the cycle of trying to change someone into something that they are not.

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