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Pisces man rude and mean

Lilia Asks:

Hi there,

Thanks so much for this site and all the time and effort you take in answering questions!

My issue with a Pisces guy is that I never really know his true colors. One day he’s so lovey-dovey and kind and sweet and sparkling eyes, the next he is mean and rude and careless, almost purposefully trying to hurt you. Is this typical Pisces behavior? Are there different -better- versions of Pisces men out there? Is he simply immature or insecure?
It’s becoming so draining to me and I want to put an end to this, but not before I know it’s completely hopeless.


I would say this is “common” for everyone who isn’t genuine and authentic with you to begin with in regards to the relationship. I think the biggest conflict with this is how people often have this perception that a certain category of people must always be a certain way where in reality everyone is different based on their life experiences and values. To latch on to the idea that the person you are say with is the exact same as someone else who you may consider as the “textbook Mr. Right” is dangerous I say.

I can see how it can be hard for people to tell but the key is constancy in the actions. Like saying if you say one day he is lovey-dovey and the next day he is intentionally extremely rude and mean then the simple answer is he always was rude and mean while being lovey-dovey when he feels he needs to turn that on to get something. I would be inclined to say if you feel this is in a sense abusive then run and don’t look back.

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