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Seeing One’s Personality At The Worst of Times

I know this sounds strange to a lot of people where many times I find the best way to truly learn about people is when they are at their worst. Many times I have had people try to get me to open up more to them with no luck and the common response is they don’t see why as the only thing I have seen from them are positive things such as them winning in something competitive like a sport. In my mind though, everybody gets along when they are winning or are in a situation where everything seems perfect for them. It’s those times where one loses or are in difficult situations where you start to see the true character come out that I have found.

For example, even something as simple as playing a video game can show it. When it looks like they are beating everyone they seem to be a joy to be around and have such a positive outlook on everything. At the same time, when this person loses they could be the most obnoxious and inconsiderate person such as swearing at others or violently throwing the controller across the room. That would make me think and correlate to how the person would react in a more serious situation such as if you went into business with them or even trusting one in a relationship for during those times that aren’t all rosey where you probably need them most.

Now of course this doesn’t mean you should have to purposely go through something bad such as creating artificial drama to prove that you can then get back up as that is a little far fetched. It is just one of the many factors to keep in mind why a person with my type of personality may remain so closed off as things like these are big factors in determining if you are a sincere person. Because of that it’s natural for myself personally to have the patience to see how a person reacts in as many different scenarios as possible as it is highly unlikely that you get to see someone in all these different scenarios in one day.

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