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Seeing You At Your Worst And How You React When You Lose

I personally believe it is very true where you don’t really know a person until you see them in a position where they are losing or are in a situation that is very rough. It’s very easy to be around a happy and bubbly person where you assume if you establish a relationship with them that they are a kind hearted and fun person to be with. From my personal observations even with friends, their true personality kicks in when times are tough.

I often use a very simple video game example for this. Imagine playing a competitive party game with someone who is doing very well and is used to winning. As a result, they are having a blast and they seem like such a cool person to be with. Then, they challenge someone who ends up mopping the floor with them. Result? The person then throws the controller complaining how the game is now so stupid while cursing and cussing at everyone.

You see, moments like that will usually show exactly the type of person you will be dealing with in the long run I‘d say. Imagine the person not getting their way such as you two trying to decide where to go for vacation. With that type of personality, most likely it can turn into a very confrontational situation.

These types of things can be used to evaluate loyalty as well. You often hear the term bandwagoners when it comes to a sports team where people cheer on the team when they are winning. When they lose they act as if they were never even fans of the team. That should make you think, how exactly loyal and committed is this person if say you were in a relationship? Will they stick with you in the end or just jump from person to person when the going gets tough?

Now think of it from the reverse. The person loses in the video game match but treats it as a “Wow, good game” or a “I guess I just need to try harder next time”. Or with the sports team example, imagine the person still sticking by the team even when they lose. Most likely their personality and mindset in these situations translates into other aspects of their lives too. You can’t exactly see that as clear when it is a situation that is generally positive upfront.

People often say that with things like business and money as well. I’m sure everyone seems fantastic when they have a million dollars. But what if the person lost it all one day? This is where the true character comes out. Example, some people will just complain and do nothing in hopes that someone will throw them a bone. Some will resort to stealing and cheating others. Then there are those rise up to the challenge and through sheer determination and effort they will find a way to get back.

Is this just some Pisces thing? I’d say no as it just boils down to life experience and the observations that one has experienced when it comes to people in general. All in an effort to find the person you are most compatible with.

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  • AJ November 6, 2010

    Well said, couldn’t have put it better myself.
    Although you could almost say, this not a mathematical formula one should live their life by and the must be room for variances and room for unforeseen equations that need to be solved. I guess life is just one big science project everyone is trying to figure out before their time is up and it has to be handed in.

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