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Whats going on with this pisces man? Is he playing me?

Jessica Asks:

I met this 29 year old pisces man on POF. We became friends on facebook we have been talking on messenger. I also have his cell number but have only talked once on the phone. Anyway I live in Cleveland Tennessee and he lives in Summerville Ga. Any way I’m confused. At first he told me I was sexy and beautiful and adorable and hot. He kept on asking me to move in with him I told him I couldn’t for the sex he said not for sex to be together. I told him I couldn’t say yes or no because I didn’t know him and he said he understood. Later on he asked me what size ring I wear and if I liked silver or gold. Then he asked me what size clothes I wear I told him the sizes. He said he asked because he didn’t want to get the wrong size in anything.

I told him he didn’t have to buy me anything but he said he wanted too. He kept on telling me he was going to make me his wife. Later on he txted me and asked me to marry him I told him asking me through txt wasn’t the best and he told me he was sorry for asking me that way. He said he just really wanted to take a chance with me. I told him I wanted to take a chance to but I wanted to know him better first. I have been trying to get him to come meet me but so far he hasn’t. He gave me his address and I gave him mine but nothing has happened yet.

He tells me he loves me and that he keeps on falling for me. He told me I was his everything and that if I was his we would never break up. I keep asking him how he knows I’m the one he says he feels it in his heart. Even though he told me all this he still gets on POF. What should I do? He tells me to come to him but I want him to come to me. I sent txt that sais “what if I bought you something for Christmas?” and txted the same question back to me.


With what you wrote my honest first thought was that he was some kind of predator trying to lure people from the Internet. I would be very weary of someone who you don’t know very well all of a sudden saying they want to marry you and asking you to travel to them. In my opinion too the simple compromise and safe way would be to do something like a video chat first and foremost to semi see if the person is in a sense real and who they claim to be.

If you still aren’t running the other way yet and are insistent in trying to learn more about him then I would personally try to engage in conversations about things like his upbringing, why he chose his profession, etc. All this done with things like a video chat request. Reason being is if he is hiding something, considering he claims he is ready to marry you and all, then he should have no issue with stuff like that. If he always makes excuses then in my opinion you need to run not walk as you isn’t genuine.

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