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Why would a pisces cheat?

Zula Asks:


So I been studying your sign a bit and also got people in my life that are born under the sign of pisces (both male and female). These people really are very sweet and caring and you wouldn’t doubt they wanna hurt someone, especially not someone that they’re in a relationship with. But it did happen that my friend got cheated on by her bf of 4 years and not gonna lie it did surprise me .

I did feel as though he could never really speak his mind and eventually fell in love with a mexican exchange student, kissed her few times and then confessed to my friend. I couldn’t make it right in my head because he was always very caring and sweet but maybe that’s why …idk but it made me really sad to hear that and people are really pissed at him but well somehow I can’t be ..it just wouldnt makesense. Another guy I met told me right off that he cheated on his ex of 4 years cause he wasn’t happy no more.. he didnt seem like an asshole to me but then again I just can’t understand why ?

Not saying all pisces do but why would a pisces cheat when they are so caring and loving towards people..or is it really cause they get disappointed a lot ? I noticed my friend didn’t really talk about her relationship ever and well she was often on vacation- the did have a LDR for some months and so but him cheating on her is pretty aggressive … I couldnt help but think since he couldn’t tell her that things were not going well he bottled it up so long that in the end he just had her feel some of what he went through ..but those are just my mere assumptions .

So long story short : Why would a pisces cheat , what would let him to do so and are pisces men easily seduced by someone new ? ( oh all those stereotypes ) I do respect that not all pisces men are the same but maybe you could give some insight .

thank u

(I am writing in regards of maybe also helping my friend a bit , she been cheated on before)


What you ask is a very general question that is of course dependent on the person themselves. But fundamentally you kind of answered the question yourself I feel in many ways. For example, the person who was in a relationship for 4 years that just ended up cheating is not surprising if it was a 4 year relationship of just sticking with it. Basically, the person doesn’t feel entirely happy or fulfilled but they stay in the relationship anyways. In my opinion these things don’t just happen just like that. It’s been bottled up for awhile and they simply didn’t want to deal with it.

I mean fundamentally think of it like those over the top stories of people who everyone in their network says the person was so nice and friendly and would never imagine that they would be that violent person in the news that harmed so many people one day as it is a shock to them. Like there I think it’s safe to say these things don’t just happen out of nowhere.

Like for the person kissing the other student maybe in his relationship with your friend he didn’t feel the attraction anymore. For example, in many relationships in the beginning, like say in the very first date, most people would always try to be their best for the other. Once in the actual relationship a lot of people have the “I don’t need to work for it anymore” and so maybe things like romance or affection are being ignored. So when the person like here sees the other girl maybe she gave him that excitement and attention he was desperately craving but didn’t get with his current relationship.

To make it tricky too if the person relies more on actions as opposed to verbal communication for these kinds of things then you bet this was bottling up for a long time. Most important though it depends on the person. I mean as an example if the person just wanted something from another then it’s as simple as they only stayed in the relationship for that so no surprise there that once they stop receiving it they cheat and all as they never really cared.

Even with things like seduction is dependent on the person. Speaking for myself as an example woman have a very hard time trying to “seduce” me in traditional ways which makes many confused because for me that switch is always off unless I actually allow the person to turn it on. Kind of like saying I could imagine if the person wasn’t happy then the switch is very visible and open for people to turn on as they desperately need some light in their life. Basically easy to seduce.

For myself it’s like saying I don’t need anyone to turn on that switch to give me light per se because being happy is like I am already in a place full of sunlight. So why do I desperately need someone to flip that switch? Like there in terms of seduction the person needs to realize it’s not more light that I would need, which makes trying to find that switch kind of pointless, but rather someone to grow with and to do things together that we can’t do without each other.

So hopefully there you can see as an example there is a huge difference in mindset. I can easily imagine the person that isn’t happy would cheat whereas the other won’t. Again, things like that do not just happen all of a sudden. I would imagine you never got to really see or talk to him in times where he is completely just himself with no one there as opposed to the public side of him. Because often times too the people who are super loving and caring don’t actually get much of that in return too in an ironic way and not everyone is good at managing that balance.

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  • Zula June 17, 2017

    Thank u for the quick answer ! I can see it making sense in that way but yes I never saw him when he was all raw.

    Eventually it just makes me sad that my friend wont know why.. Like to her he is just a bad person.

    But yes it’s a very general matter.

    Kind regards

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