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Will He Forgive Me?

Carol Asks:

I’m dating this Pisces man now for six months, and everything was going so well, until recently I was online on whatsapp at 3am, honestly I just happened to have woken up at that time and just checked my phone, and I was scrolling through my friends list, saw a friend name and remembered it was her birthday, so I wished her happy birthday.

And apparently my Pisces man happened to come online at the same time and saw I was online, and he did message me a casual hey how was your day kinda message…I was happy to get his message and just replied and I thought that was that. Later he sent me a message saying I’m wondering who were you talking to at 3am in the morning on whatsapp….I was angry and surprised at his question, but I told him the truth, unfortunately he thinks I’m lying, and it’s his gut instinct and he believes his instinct more than my words and after two days of my pleading and trying to explain, he asked for a screen shot of the message I sent to my friend, I didn’t have it cause I deleted it.

That was the end of everything, he immediately said how convenient and then said its over and never to message him again. Im so hurt and upset. He’s told me he has trust issue and he finds it difficult to trust anyone but I never thought he would end what we had over some whatsapp message…why couldn’t he believe me? Why was he questioning everything I said…will he come back to me or is it really over?


That is an unfortunate situation. I can’t say exactly why he is so untrusting towards you as I don’t know his personal life story. But I think it is safe to say that he has doubted your intentions throughout this relationship for whatever reason. Example, it could be like a scenario how a person had a gut feeling you were just with him for money or sex. Therefore, they go by each day hoping that is not the case but at the same time will be fully prepared if it is.

To a certain extent, think of it like a basic phobia. I am pretty sure if all your life people that wear a certain hat has always abused you then it’s pretty common to expect you to react negatively towards people that fit a certain profile. In this case, he probably experienced a lot of scenarios where he has been hurt in a similar style. Unfaithful people starting by sending private messages to each other and so the fear of getting hurt is simply too big to bear.

Depending on how bad his experiences has been it could be over. I am inclined to say if you go all out in proving that text was nothing such as getting your friend to talk about it then he will come back solely on a benefit of the doubt. Maybe she hasn’t deleted her messages from her end. At the same time, do you want a relationship where the person will never truly trust you at this time?

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