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Will this Pisces guy ever talk to me again?

Lucci Asks:

Okay so I met Brandon in the summer of 2015 I would have to say in July. We attended high school together we rode the same bus and everything but is so crazy because we never talked on the bus, when I say never I mean absolutely never lol. Okay so when we finally talked to each other it was because we kept seeing one another on the bus (public transportation) he would be either going to work or home. One day on my way home he asked for my number and I gave it to him because I was very attracted to him. By the I’m a Virgo.

Okay so by the time August came rolling along it was almost time for him to start college. I became very attached to him (clingy in a way) I didn’t want him to leave me because I was in love with him but at the same time I wanted him to be successful in whatever he did. He said that he would always come by and see me and I held his word for it. We seen each other one more time and this was the last time I would see him. We seen each other in October he told me to meet him on the bus before he get ready to leave home and go back on campus so I did. We seen each other and when I tell you that it the best day ever just to see his face and kiss him and to tell him how much I missed him.

He never liked when I looked sad or was about to cry and I was literally about to cry because I didn’t want him to leave me he kissed me one last time and got on the train and left and I got back on the bus. We had sex only twice. I always use to tell him how much I liked him and how much I wished he was mine. November came around and we stop texting for a minute busy I was busy with work and I figured he was busy with school so I didn’t want to bother him and keep texting him like I use to do because I thought it would start to piss him off. So we didn’t talk for like 2 or almost 3 weeks.

So I got on Instagram and I seen his post with another girl and it broke my heart when I seen it so I liked it to get his attention. Which it did and he deleted it. I liked several other post that he posted it was like some memes that I felt were talking about me he also deleted those as well. He never texted me after that and ever since that happened I’ve been missing him sooooo very much and just wished that he would text me. The last time I texted him was December and he didn’t even respond.

But I can tell he misses me because he posted a statues on Facebook stating “You never needed anybody. You strong girl I get it but the one thing about me I’m honest girl I can’t live without you I stay missing you” (FYI these are his exact words I copied them) and I know he have to be talking about me because he hasn’t been with anyone since we stopped talking. He has even started smoking again and that’s not like him unless he’s going through something. I wanna reach out to him so bad but I don’t want that feeling of being rejected I just miss him dearly and wish this never happened between us.


Your timeline of events make it seem like he is going through some kind of depression for whatever reason where the root of the problem has never been tackled. A fictional example is like someone’s parent has just passed away and instead of “properly” grieving about it and allowing all those emotions to come out the person has been running away from it by hanging around his buddies and trying to talk about other recreational things.

Another typical example is like someone who feels that they are a failure in say their school or career but knowing that they can woo the heart of a person makes them feel like a somebody. It’s just whatever it is at the moment that is affecting him is stronger than the energy he is receiving from you per se. Nobody likes the feeling of still feeling bad when someone else is giving them so much either. That would make sense to me personally on your two’s encounter and excursions together.

I don’t really know the specifics of course. But based on your situation I would be inclined to say you have to throw in the offer and leave it at that. For example, based on what you wrote here a possible good method is to send him a message explaining how you feel something is bothering him and that you understand how he may be feeling and give a personal example. You want to be there for him and as a result invite him to share his thoughts with you whenever he needs or at the same time to help you with something in your life as you trust him. If you want to make it more intimate and personal you can go with the hand written letter approach.

Don’t be afraid to contact him I say as it sounds like you are the stronger one at the moment.

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