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Maynard Asks:

Hello Alan, I have been researching about Pisces men and very often I saw that many articles say Pisces men, in their mind have a type of ideal lady. It might not be an actual person but someone whom they idealise their partner to be. But these article did not elaborate on the traits and qualities of these ideal ladies… What are those and how does they “looked” like or what are the things they do to be able to measure up to these “goddess” in their mind.

I understand that every Pisces men might be different in their ideal partner but I hope you might wish to give a general view on how these “ideal” lady behaviours, personalities, physically, or even maybe intelligence, kindness or compassionate as sort. I am really curious as many sources of information in the web always mention Pisces men are living partially in a fantasy world? I thought this post will be interesting and fascinating to dwell deeper into these folks mind. 😀


I do dive into this topic a bit at times where it is kind of scattered with all the questions I answer for people in the reader’s question section when the topic comes up. For myself, the ideal person isn’t a “fantasy” or a “goddess” per se. It’s just that for me I tend to focus on things like values first in a person and then the “package” after. Because if you think about it, many of us can change the way we look as an example, but the inside is a different story. Have you ever heard of that “The Beauty Experiment” where a woman went without makeup for a full year? If not, here is a brief clip about it:

Like there, many woman do things like this to increase “attractiveness” as people often get more in life as a result correct? For me, it’s about the values first. So it’s like saying for a woman I try to see what they are like without the makeup, so to speak, as that is the real authentic you. A good example I used before for this topic too was with the Superman and Supergirl example. To quote what I wrote:

“I like this saying when it comes to a woman looking for a man as an example where it goes something along the lines of why constantly try and look for Superman when Clark Kent is right in-front of you? Like there, people are often very focused in looking for the physically strong person on a surface level when like there these two guys are the same person.

I can change that to a “Supergirl” since there is a new TV show on that now. Like saying, would I prefer to fall for “Supergirl” or “Kara Danvers” in terms of a character? They are the exact same person if you think about it. But initially you would say the Supergirl is the more of an outgoing and tough character whereas the Kara Denvers is more quirky and bubbly right? For a person like me, I try and look deep into the person where I can tell either character is the same in essence. In that case, either of them I could commit to.”

If you were to look at two pictures of these characters it’s almost like night and day right?



But value wise they are the exact same person. I wouldn’t really care if she looked like either as I know “inside” that is the “person” I would be falling for.

I just know in general people dress and talk a certain way in public because like in that makeup experiment example like it or not people get judged for things like physical appearances which can dictate things like opportunities that you can get in life. Therefore, for a person like me I have to work extra hard to get to know the real person underneath all that act.

Just like you too I assume there are going to be lifestyle traits and habits that play a role in finding the ideal mate. For example, I mentioned before a deal killer for me is if a woman smokes as I personally can’t stand it. For some guys that is not an issue or that it actually turns them on. I would like to start a family in the future and so obviously my ideal lady should want to as well. For some people they don’t want that at all. So in my opinion, I am no different than everyone else. My way of approaching it is probably just very different compared to most.

As a complete left field example let’s take a person like Lizzie Velasquez. If you don’t know who she is here is a Ted Talk video about it:

Like for me, I am not one of those people who would look at her and be shocked negatively at her appearance. It’s almost the same type of approach I would have with a “good looking” woman in many ways. Instead, I would genuinely be curious to learn her story because quite frankly I have no idea why she is like that. And based on her story, the values and strength she demonstrated probably gives her a better chance to be with a person like me than say a woman that is a “knockout” but believes she is entitled to everything lavish in life as an example. Again, it’s about getting deep into the person.

I also made a post recently at https://piscesview.com/winning-the-heart-of-a-pisces-by-showing-compassion-and-assistance-without-asking/ where like in this example the girl’s action and compassion made me want to kiss her on the spot. Again, it’s about the values. Hopefully this helps to answer your questions in a clearer light. Feel free to ask for clarifications too as I believe everything I just wrote here should give you a clear vision of what a person like me looks for in an ideal lady.

The other way to think about it is like you asking a person what their ideal food is. For most people they will focus first on the surface area answers such as the taste and texture. For myself, I tend to focus on things like the nutritional value and how it makes me feel in my daily life after. Like there, you can kind of see how the notion of a person like me may be in a “fantasy world” as technically what I am telling you for my ideal type of food isn’t actually anything in particular per se versus someone saying like “I enjoy things that are sweet or crunchy.”

I am just like most people where I have a taste for sweet stuff and such. However, given the choice I would rather have like the freshly made raw vegetable juice than say the sugar filled soda. Like there would taste matter? Well, to a certain extent yes. Like there, if my body or taste buds simply won’t cooperate with only vegetables in the raw juice then I have to find the combination that works for me where it doesn’t seem like “work” to drink the stuff. Example, maybe throwing a simple fruit like an apple will help.

The make-believe answer on what my ideal food would be is something like a superfood the size of bean that gives me 100% of all the nutritional value I need for the day. Of course, we know there is no such thing and so in reality we focus on the core stuff we are looking for and then work with that basis. Example, I first look for the nutritional value. I think about if this will help me throughout my day. Afterwards, I factor in personal taste. Then other real life obstacles such as the time and cost to obtain that food.

So for like an ideal woman, I just have to start with the basic foundation. Example, is she compassionate? Does she value loyalty? Does she persevere through life’s toughest obstacles and comes out a better person? Afterwards I factor in personal taste such as does the person live a substance abuse free lifestyle? I kind of leave it in the hands of the universe after, so to speak, where one day I will meet that person. How do I know if this person is going to be like an artist or corporate professional? What’s to say that the person might be missing an arm due to an accident or is simply an exceptional athlete? Then once those are all satisfied then we need to consider real life circumstances such as the logistics it requires in life to live together happily.

I am just a regular person like you after all. But our life experiences have probably made us value and approach things a little differently. If you want too since you are researching, you can give me some completely fictional or real profiles of people and I can tell you exactly what I am thinking and why. Hopefully this helps.

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